DIY: Chain Watch

A stylish watch can be hard to find and once found can be hard to afford! This DIY will take an old watch, that’s lying around your house or from an opp shop, and create a personalised, edgy watch.



You need:

  • Watch
  • Chain or old necklaces (measure enough to wrap around your wrist)
  • Pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp



How to:

1.Using your pliers, detach the straps from the watch. Make sure you don’t break the pins that connect the watch to the straps as you will need them.


2. Connect one end of the chains together with a jump ring and add your clasp. On the other end, just add a jump ring to connect the chains together.



3. Slid the other ends of the chain onto the pin and reattach it to the watch. Repeat this step for both sides of the watch.


You can use this method with any coloured watch or chain. Also the more chain you use the more times the band will wrap around your wrist. Get creative and personalise your watch to suit your style!


Ready to wear, ready to tell time in style!



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