VMA Awards Best Dressed

The VMA awards attract a lot of media attention from the performances to how the celebs are styled. Here are my top 3 picks for best dressed!

Miley Cyrus has had a lot of negative publicity from previous VMA awards but this time round her flawless leather outfit had nothing negative about it. This high waisted pant paired with a small strapless crop is a great way to wear leather with style. Keeping her look simple with no statement jewelry pieces and silver, peep toe pump creates a minimalist look which is very trendy at the moment.


Iggy Azalea wore this beautiful baby blue mermaid style gown. The embellishments on this dress added the stylish pattern to the garment that took the piece from beautiful to chic. Pairing it with a simple diamond encrusted chain necklace adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.


Kendall Jenner sported a similar masculine style to Miley Cyrus by wearing an all black outfit consisting of a high waisted black pant and a crop top. Unlike Miley, Kendall has a sheer top over her crop giving the look a edgy yet sexy style. Shes paired simple gold jewelry consisting of a high necklace and bangles to finish the look.


These were my top 3 picks but what are yours? Comment below who you thought flaunted it this VMA Awards!


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