DIY: Coin Ring

von rings

I have been in love with Melbourne designer Von Treskow’s coin rings for a while now. His simple and classic coin rings are priced in the $100 mark and also come as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.


You need:

  • Coin
  • Plain ring or Old ring
  • Super Glue
  • Cutting Pliers
  • Clear Nail polish

How to:

1. If you are using an old ring that has something on it, like me, snap that off with cutting pliers. Your ring band may need a light file down after this step.


2. Coat the coin and ring, if needed, in clear nail polish. This will stop the coin from tarnishing. An optional step is to blow hot air onto the coin when it is still wet. This will create a mat finish and is what I have done to my ring.


3. Find the right position you want to glue your ring on then place the glue onto the band and push the coin onto the glue.


4. Leave this to try for 12 hours.


This is a great way to create a personalised ring of any kind. I love this ring so much I’m going to create more in different metals. I have another American one cent coin which is a beautiful rose gold colour that i can’t wait to create into a stylish ring.


image (1)

Ready to wear, ready to rock it!


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